The world was created for us, creatures were created for the beauty of the world and we were created as human-beings to live, look after the world and each other. When we talk about the word human-being, we do not talk about gender. The word human-beings does not mean only men or women. It focuses on all of mankind. Yet, in Afghanistan today, women are not allowed to work. Men are solely responsible for work and women have to stay home.

Unfortunately, we cannot say that when human-beings were created, there was any discrimination about who should stay home or who should work. The reality is that the world needs protection from poverty and all disasters not only from men but also women as well. With only one-half working, the world is unbalanced.

Here is a question, if women in Afghanistan are not allowed to work, then how can those children survive who lost their dad in the war? Their mother is the only money earner and responsible to feed and shelter the children

A survey by the Central Statistics Organisation (CSO) in 2009 found that Afghanistan women participation in the workforce was growing faster than men and it was predicted that women’s contribution in the workforce will be more than 40% by 2020. At that point 47.3% of the Afghanistan population was 43.7% below the poverty line.

The Afghanistan economy dramatically declined after the Taliban took over Afghanistan in 2021. Afghanistan’s baseline poverty rate is now at 72 percent. Poor families and children suffer from poverty and do not even have bread to survive. The reason is that women are not allowed to work. Most of the female staff who worked for the government, factories, companies and international organizations lost their jobs.

I personally believe that the economy of Afghanistan will never progress without women participation in the workforce. Afghanistan’s economy is losing half of the key force which is the intellectual capacity of women. Women have motivation, women are strong and women want to work. I am an Afghan girl. I am writing because I wish that the Taliban understood the value and importance of women participation in the development of the Afghanistan economy. Please let mothers work and protect their kids from starvation! I hope the Taliban understand from the bottom of their heart the hardship of life for poor people and support women to contribute to the work force and help the society and economy.

Enough war, enough violence, enough fear. Please bring peace and respect for human-beings’ lives!!! PLEASE

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