Now I believe that humanity is still alive.  


If Educate Girls Now were not here, I wouldn’t be able to go to school.


Your help makes me want to help others,  I had no such feeling before.


From Team Leaders Mariam Didar Ali and Khoshal Taib
“Thank you so much for financially supporting Afghan families; particularly, the widows,  and orphaned children. Now they can attend  school and study in a calm and comfortable situation. Your help not only provided economic support to the families, but has had a huge emotional support too. I see lots of positive changes in the lives of our local families, and these changes make me hopeful and happy.

Farzana is one of our girls in Kabul. At the beginning when we met her, she was ashamed of her poor life compared to the other girls.  After our financial help, she doesn’t have these feelings much and is more satisfied with her current life.

Deena and Ghazal the two girls in Herat province, go to school and also have sewing machines. Now they are able to financially support their families while studying.

Tamana and her five children lived without shelter, but with your aid they were able to rent a house and are no longer homeless.

Padida and Fahima were leaving their house due to domestic violence. Now they are able to run their lives by themselves and continue their education.

Most of the girls had difficulties with their school lessons. We have enrolled them in private courses. I honestly hope we can continue aid like this and in the future involve more families in our programs.”

– Hadiya

                        Aisha, age 16 

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