The Educate Girls Now Project, inspired by the 2013 film Girl Rising and Zarghuna Karghar’s (2012) book Dear Zari, ensures the education of Afghan girls and boys by feeding their family.

As said by Meryl Streep and Anne Hathaway in Girl Rising, “Educating young girls is one of the wisest investments of our time. Educating young girls not only prevents early marriage and childbirth-related deaths, but also prepares girls to find jobs and take their places as informed global citizens, contributing to solutions in an ever-changing world.”

Girls are vulnerable to being married at a young age when families cannot afford to buy food and children do not go to school. For $60 a month an entire family can be fed. We are providing needy Afghan families with money for food in exchange for sending their children to school. One of the conditions for receiving the funds is that the girls as well as the boys remain in school.

The project has entered its fifth year of implementation. The Global 500 Environmental Forum, Zarghuna Karghar and Afghan BBC representatives choose the families most in need. They monitor the families monthly, and ensure the families are cared for and the girls complete their school year. Each family has been given a cell phone, are in touch with our representatives and our Afghanistan team visits with them monthly.

All the families are extremely poor, living in small hovels, with little food and clothing. This year we have included the widows featured in the BBC documentary, “The War Wives of Afghanistan.”

Each year we are committed to helping at least 18 families and providing an education for approximately 91 children. Last year we saved 11 girls under the age of 12 from marriage. Our goal is to continue a stable flow of support to establish a reliable presence that contributes to positive social change. During the winter, vegetables and fruit are at a minimum. Diet staples we help to provide include flour, beans, canned tomatoes, sugar, oil and green tea. Without your help, these families would survive solely on bread.

Educate Girls Now helps Girls Learn to Read and Write

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