The 2016 election is one unlike any other. Those who are not citizens of America are utterly confused, but to be honest, so are we. We have been presented with two candidates, but clearly only one of them is prepared for what is arguably the biggest job in the world. The President. While their official role is President of the United States, the reality is, they are in charge of much more than that. The President of the United States has a huge impact and role on the entire world. Which is why this decision is one of the most crucial decisions our country has been forced to make. And we must make the right one, because not only does it affect us, as citizens of America, but it will affect the refugees trying to fight for their lives and find safety, it will affect our relationships with other countries and could very possibly, if this decision is made incorrectly it could begin many wars, and it will affect the girls all over the world, including Nigeria who are being deprived of human rights, and an education. So when you go out to vote, and we really hope you do, think about the girls in Afghanistan. The ones who have no say, no voice. Be their voice. Think about whom you would trust to take care of these girls, to return the rights that have been taken from them. The girls who will one day be our future. We know what our choice is, what will yours be?