Educate Girls Now’s Nazu Family

Afghanistan is a land of mystery, with a rich and ancient culture. It is also a country with a long history of domination by foreign conquerors and strife among internally warring factions. It lies at the gateway between Asia and Europe, and today this country is under attack from the Taliban.

Afghanistan has 34 provinces which are subdivided into districts. A recent study by the BBC shows the Taliban are now in full control of 14 districts (4% of the country) and have an active and open physical presence in 263 districts (66% of the country). These results are significantly higher than previous estimates of Taliban strength. Many of the provincial governors are former warlords who have been incorporated into the political system. In many provinces, young girls are forbidden to go to school, and pursuing an education can endanger their lives.

In this most dangerous environment, Educate Girls Now continues to grow and blossom. Young girls craving an education have had the courage to learn to read, write, and even take a full suite of courses. These girls study in schools, in homes, or gather in small groups. Having an education is their hope for a future.

In the early 60s and 70’s Afghanistan women went to universities and gained respect as scientists, engineers, doctors, government workers and technicians. Today women are struggling to regain their status. But girls have not lost their hope for the education they deserve.

We can help these young girls. Join us by sharing their story, making a donation and posting our blog on your social media. We have an opportunity to make a difference. As one of our girls stated, ”Yes, studying is dangerous, but every day is dangerous for me. I once was blind, but now I can read”.