One of the great things about Laurel Springs is the way it breaks down the barriers of a traditional school, making a quality education accessible to even the most unconventional and adventurous of students. It only makes sense that the founder of Laurel Springs, Ms. Marilyn Mosley Gordanier, is a passionate advocate of education for all. In 2013, the organization Educate Girls Now was born from Ms. Gordanier’s recognition that the situation for girls in Afghanistan is a dire one. Early marriage, prejudice, and a lack of basic resources are all barriers that girls in Afghanistan face. The good news is Educate Girls Now is making a difference, and more and more girls are receiving a quality education everyday. There are many ways to get involved with Educate Girls Now, and there are also lots of great organizations doing similarly wonderful things for this world. As we move into the beauty and joy of the springtime, remember even the smallest actions can have an invaluable impact on someone else’s life, and consider the shared benefits of contributing what you can to this meaningful cause.