At Asian University for Women, I continued my routines as always. Every Friday, it was exciting to teach my students in the morning, practice golf in the evening and then spend the night with my Bangladeshi family. Gradually, I realized that I was the only AUW student to leave the university for the Play Park School. Students would sometimes ask about my love of golf. A number of students considered it a royal sport and only for wealthy people. Other students were excited to learn about it. I loved sharing my knowledge by showing them pictures and videos and explaining how golf is different from other sports.

Days and days passed and I saved my monthly stipend to buy a set of golf clubs. My trainer helped me to buy a set for a fair price. I was very happy to have a set after so many years and to practice golf. One day I realized that I was the only AUW student at the course. I asked myself, “Why should I be the only one to play golf? I kept that questions in my heart and continued to look for answers.
After many days I realized that the AUW community had a great opportunity to introduce students to golf. If they had a chance to learn about golf and sports, they would share their experiences with friends back in their countries. It meant that the knowledge about golf would spread to these countries. The idea that golf is only for rich people might be true, but it is always possible to find a way to change impossibilities to possibilities.

One day I talked with one of my professors about establishing a golf team at AUW to play at a local course. Indeed, my professor loved the idea and asked me to write a proposal. It was exciting to put my dreams onto paper. But I did not have experience writing proposals. I tried to brainstorm about my mission, and estimate the budget. I was very grateful to my professors and the Writing Center for help improving my draft. My trainer was excited to welcome the golf team at his course and build a collaboration with AUW. I was drowned in happiness and could not wait to make my dream come true.

The new semester started and the OSA office reviewed my proposal and interviewed me in person. After a few weeks, the office sent out the list of selected clubs. It was incredible to see my golf team on the list. It was a moment of such joy that no words can express. Finally, as an Afghan National Female Golfer, I established the first AUW Golf Club with the mission of “Let’s Make Golf for Everyone.” I ran online and off-line fundraising events to build financial support. Starting in 2017, I formed a team of five students that practiced golf under the guidance of a professional trainer once a week. Students were very excited to learn about this sport. We had delightful memories during each training.

At AUW, I learned to be myself as an independent soul. I learned not to wait for life to change my destiny, I used my education as a tool to change my destiny. Every day I remained determined to move forward toward my future. I kept searching for unique opportunities which were beyond my expectation.

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