I was so busy with studies, and with my golf practice. My hope to secure a summer international internship was not as strong as it was before. I still had my imaginary world of success, my inner world and my inner kid. However, week after week, I heard no news. Then one day the writer of my NPR story sent me an email that recommended a list of organizations to which I could apply. This list included Boston Medical Center. I was very grateful for the list he shared. I had new energy, and I applied to the recommended organizations.
I decided to focus on my final exams and to invest my energy in finding an internship. I even planned to take additional courses during summer break in case I could not get an internship.

One night in March, I checked my email. I could not believe the good news. The Boston Medical Center responded and were interested in my application. I was so shocked that I could hardly see the screen. I was extremely happy and could not sleep that night. I felt my inner world of success would come true and keep my motivation alive.

The interview and application process went very well. I was not sure if this was really happening. There were numerous challenges weakening my hope. The entire interview process, was new for me. I had no idea what I was doing. I had to gather the required documents for the USA visa application. I was not financially capable of fulfilling the eligibility criteria. My scholarship stipend covered only the flight from Bangladesh and food expense, not housing. But, I was hopeful of making this internship happen. I started to ask my previous supervisors, and friends to advise me how to gain support to fulfill my goal. I was especially concerned about how to cover the cost of housing for 2 months.

During that semester I took a course called Gender and Development which was life changing. The professor was lovely and I learnt a lot about the philosophy and practical theories of gender and development. One day I got a chance to talk with my professor. She asked about my plans for summer break. I explained to her about my internship opportunity and how housing was my huge concern. She was happy and wished me luck.

A few days later, she emailed me to say she would help me find a host family. One of her kind friends was interested in hosting me. Everything was going well. I applied for the visa and after a few days I received it! It was amazing to achieve my summer internship plan.
My final exams for that semester went really well. One part of me was excited to take on a new journey, but another part of me was worried about traveling alone to a country on the other side of the world. Here I was, a 20 years old girl who had escaped Afghanistan to go to school in Bangladesh. Now I had gotten an internship to travel to the United States.

I flew to Boston and had a wonderful experience as a volunteer at Boston Medical Center. It was an amazing trip and I found peace in Boston. It was a long commute from the house to work, but the days were flying by so fast. Soon, I took my flight back to Bangladesh, happy to pursue my final year as an undergraduate.

A few days after I returned to Bangladesh. I applied for a part time job as a Student Ambassador at the Center for Career Development and International Programs (CDIP). Fortunately, my application was accepted and I started my work along with my studies. My days were bringing sunshine to my life. Every moment was a chance for me to know myself better and build my determination. Gradually, I learned that every down slope ends with an up slope. I learned that communication was the secret key toward my success, and self-confidence was the core of my life!

I found unexpected light after darkness. I could not give up anymore. The darkest days taught me to see the light, and the toughest times taught me to accept the challenges. I learned that life puts challenges in my way equivalent to my strength. I opened my heart to accept those challenges and turn them into success. My moments were joyful and peaceful, and then the final semester approached.

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