The year 2021 has been traumatic for the children of Afghanistan. It is not only the year that COVID became a disaster, but also the nightmare of the Taliban taking over the country.  Most girls were not allowed to go back to school. More families forced their girls to marry because of the fear of the new regime. Many women who were the only money-earners for their family were not allowed to return to work. The collapse of the economy this winter is threatening the lives of thousands of children from poor families.

The United Nations reports that the economy of Afghanistan is worse than “Universal Poverty.” The crisis has forced many Afghan families to sell their own children to pay their debts.

According to Kanni Wignaraja, the Asia-Pacific Director for the United Nations, the poverty rate in Afghanistan will be 97% in 2022. The New York Times reports that millions of Afghans could run out of food during the winter and one million children are at risk of starvation and death.

The truth is that love for humanity is at the core of every religion. As we say in Afghanistan, humanity is still alive! Please, let’s not give up on saving the lives of Afghan children during this winter. Let’s do whatever we can to give hope and keep the children safe and warm.

This world needs us and we all need each other. Indeed, we are in this world for one another.

There are ways to help. One dollar of your donation today will keep an Afghan child warm this winter. The US has approved sending funds to Afghanistan. Here is a wonderful organization who will ensure your funds go directly to families in Afghanistan:

Warrior Angels Rescue:


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