Education is one of the strongest tools to accelerate the development of a country and the well-being of its people. One year of educating a girl can equal a 3% increase in her income over a lifetime. It is a tool that allows humanity to touch the depths of knowledge and allows their talents to flourish.

Yet Women’s education is again a very controversial topic in Afghanistan due to the Taliban regime.

  • From 1996- 2001, the Taliban deprived women and girls of an education.
  • After the Taliban regime collapsed in 2001, girls started to go to school again. Afghanistan was able to see a dramatic flourish in education.
  • By 2018 girls enrollment increased by 3.6 million, with 2.5 million girls in primary school and more than 1 million girls in secondary school.
  • According to a report by Human Rights Watch, with the increase in girls’ education, 37% were able to read and write

Unfortunately, on August 29, 2021 the Taliban returned to power. Women are deprived of work. Girls are scared to go back to school. The Taliban claim that they have made new laws for girls education:

  1. Girls will be allowed to go to school but everything must be in line with Islamic law. The Taliban have not clarified what they mean by “In line with Islamic Laws.” Do they mean girls are  not allowed to study English, computers, philosophy, and etc?. Do they mean girls are only allowed to study the Islamic Laws and rules?. Are girls allowed to work after completing a degree? These are questions that the Taliban need to clarify.
  2. The Taliban also state that education must be single-sex and that girls can only have female teachers. At this moment only 16% of Afghan schools are open.
  3. The Taliban say that women are allowed to study at the university. However, Abdul Baqi Haqqani, the Minister of Higher Education, requires that gender-segregation will be mandatory.
  4. Even though the Taliban allow some girls go to school, many Afghans believe that the militants’ fundamental philosophy has not changed, it does not allow women to feel safe at school and does not let women to go to work.

It is very important to know that Afghan girls’ education is a significant tool to allow girls to be part of a country’s development. Afghanistan is in a very crucial situation. Without education, we lose half of the workforce.

Girls’ education can be sustained with your support. Please do not leave Afghanistan ALONE. Afghan girls and children need an education. Afghanistan needs your support. Gordon Brown, the U.N. Special Envoy on Global Education, has said donors should continue to fund Afghan schools as long as they remain open to girls. Your help can keep education alive for all our girls.

Afghan kids need your kindness. Every donation in following organizations help us to give hope to Afghan kids and support them to receive an education: